Hahn Games

Our Fundraising Goal 600
Funds Raised: $720.00
Funding Completion
Our Team Members
  1. Colter Hahn
  2. Jillyan Hahn
  3. Alex Tacik
  4. Alisha Sheperd
  5. Andrew Sheperd
  6. Briana Bolduc
About Our Team

We are a group of friends and family who love to laugh and play games together. We couldn’t be more excited to join Play with Your Food and share our passion for playing board games while raising money for a meaningful purpose.

Furthermore, Hahn Games has a particular passion for Crokinole. We believe it is the perfect game to socialize and have fun with. We look forward to hosting local Crokinole events to bring people together and help raise money for our community! It’ll be a flickin’ great time!