Enter Sandman

Our Fundraising Goal 5,001
Funds Raised: $6,320.00
Funding Completion
Our Team Members
  1. Richard Sandstra
  2. Benjamin Sandstra
  3. Jordan Welch
  4. Jennifer Houle
  5. Jayden George
  6. Preston Arnyek
  7. Keith Lipsett
  8. In Memory of Tim Sandstra
About Our Team

Team Enter Sandman is a team full of new participants to the PwYF event. Our team consists of family and friends with a common goal in mind… win every game at all cost. Just kidding! Our goal is to have a ton of fun while raising a ton of money for Carmichael and the great work they do for the community of Regina.

We do have an honorary seat on our team for our dear brother, uncle and friend that we lost 3 years ago, Timothy Sandstra. He had participated in this event and was a PwyF champion.