Enter Sandman

Our Fundraising Goal 5,002
Funds Raised: $5,050.00
Funding Completion
Our Team Members
  1. Richard Sandstra
  2. Jennifer Houle
  3. Jordan Welch
  4. Keith Lipsett
  5. Preston Arnyek
  6. Benjamin Sandstra
  7. Jayden George
  8. In Memory of Timothy Sandstra
About Our Team

This will be Enter Sandman’s second year in the PwYF event and we are excited to be back! Our team had a great time at the 2023 event and a few of us are hoping to pull the full 24 hours this year. We are also hoping to do our part in fundraising another pile of money for Carmichael Outreach.
Our team’s 8th spot is reserved In Memory of Timothy Sandstra, a dearly missed brother, uncle and friend to those on our team. He was a PwYF champion and this team was formed in his memory.