About Carmichael Outreach

Carmichael Outreach is a registered charity located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada that provides various services to those in the community who experience poverty and homelessness.

Their mission is to foster empowerment through dignity, respect, and advocacy in the community in an effort to see the END of poverty and homelessness in Regina.

Why Carmichael?

Partnering up with Carmichael Outreach is a perfect fit. The money raised by Carmichael goes further than just food. They combat homelessness and poverty daily. Not only do they provide free meals to all who need them, they also provide free clothing, household items, and children’s necessities and activities – all with a mission to create a strong and inclusive community founded on the values of dignity and respect.

Our 2022-2023 Event fundraising goal of $15,000 can go a long way to making a difference in Regina’s community.

Community Needs

There are countless ways that you can support the fight to END poverty and homelessness:

  • advocate for what’s right
  • use the right language
  • communicate with your neighbours
  • support organizations like Carmichael Outreach

We always say that there are three main ways to support an organization that you believe in – donate your time, donate your money, or donate your stuff!

Or in this case, play with your food (ahem) games!

Event Impact

Carmichael Outreach receives a combination of project funding and private funding. Fundraising events and partnerships throughout the year account for about 20% of total revenue.

Every little bit helps!