Dad & Daughter Duo

We have been part of 24 hours to Play with Your Food from the beginning and are happy to be able to participate again. Both of us have stayed for the full 24 hours every time and on one occasion went over an hour past the 24 along with two members…

Malicious Meeples

We are an avid board-game playing group of four who are known for our malicious play style - especially to one another. Our motto is “all is fair in board games - no mercy!”

Team One

1 Ring to rule them all, one with the force and once, twice, 3 times a gamer.

Power to the Meeple

We are so blessed to be able to gather in leisure pursuits such as playing board games and sharing in the camaraderie that games bring. Not everyone is so fortunate. There are many people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and food security…