StratLab Care Club

Our Fundraising Goal 1,200
Funds Raised: $0.00
Funding Completion
Our Team Members
  1. Carter Lovelace
  2. Jeph Maystruck
  3. Seher Naeem
  4. Marc Guevarra
  5. Ola Aribisala
  6. Wildcard 😉
About Our Team

We’re the StratLab Care Club, your not-so-typical bunch of marketing wizards, digital crafters, and friends. We started shaking up the marketing world back in 2012, and now, we’re bringing our unique blend of creativity, honesty, and a pinch of rebellious spirit to the gaming table. Our mantra? “Care hard, work smart, be human.” It’s not just something we say; it’s how we roll, so bring on the dice and let the games begin!