power to the meeple

Power to the Meeple

Our Fundraising Goal 5,000
Funds Raised: $8,780.83
Funding Completion
Our Team Members
  1. Matt Robertson
  2. Kathy Lewis
  3. Greg Vallee
About Our Team

We are so blessed to be able to gather in leisure pursuits such as playing board games and sharing in the camaraderie that games bring. Not everyone is so fortunate. There are many people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and food security issues in our community; it is important to us that we pause and reflect on our blessings. Let us extend a hand to those in need and work to lift people out of poverty, provide them adequate shelter, and deal with the important food security challenges they face.

We invite you to support our fundraising efforts as we strive to make the world a gentler, kinder place and assist those in need. Thank you for your consideration.