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Blood on The Clocktower Night!

Join us for a night of murder, mystery, bluffing, and deduction!


The Table Flippers are hosting a game of Blood on The Clocktower. Your host, Shane, will be the storyteller in this new werewolf like game. The game consists of villagers, outsiders, minions and demons all in a fictional village called Ravenswood Bluff.

At night, the storyteller will awaken special ability characters to perform their secret actions and gain intel. The storyteller will also awaken the minions and the demon to find out who gets murdered in the night.

During the day everyone is free to talk and discuss any intel they may receive, accuse other players of deceiving them and even nominate them to the town square for execution! Who will be the last to survive, the innocent villagers of Ravenswood Bluff? Or perhaps the demon and his minions?


The game will be played with 10 characters, and we will do 2-3 games throughout the evening.

Snacks will be provided for free!

My famous Hot Dog roller will be cooking the finest frankfurters in all of Ravenswood Bluff for purchase, as well a variety of drinks and beverages! Please bring cash and/or coin.

The event is being hosted at your storyteller’s private residence in north Regina.

Address info to follow for those who register.


To sign up for the event or with any questions, please contact Shane at shane.m.hadland@gmail.com.

Hurry and register early to secure your spot!


Blood on the Clocktower BGG Page

100% of proceeds will be going towards The Table Flipper’s fundraising for Carmichael Outreach.

The event is finished.


Dec 17 2022


Will be playing 2-3 games as time permits
7:00 pm


$20 a person - Max of 10 Spots


The Table Flippers
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